selfcare tips for winter blues

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Hi beauties,

welcome to my first blog post. This post is just to warm up that winter temperature a bit, and wish you all a happy New Year in style and health. Below, are a few tips on how I've been keeping sane and beautiful this winter. xoxo,


Skin care: I 've been making sure my skin stays hydrated and moisturized this winter. No time for the snake skin (if you know what I mean). For my body, I don't use a particular moisturizer, I use whatever body lotion or body butter I can find around the house (I'm low maintenance when it comes to that).

Exercise: even though some of us can't quite go to the gym yet, there are enough virtual workouts on the internet to keep you active. Keeping active will make you physically and mentally stronger and ready to kick these winter's blues behind (pun intended). Also shed some of that quarantine weight.

Makeup: You know what they say, "when you look good, you feel good".

If you are into makeup, try to wear some on most days. My go to makeup for everyday have been a bronzer, eyeliner and mascara (I will make a post to show you my holy grail makeup products).

Plus, when I wear a little makeup, I can purposely walk pass all the mirrors in my house and hope to not be scared by my own refection ( I know that happens to most of us).

And of course, get out of those pajamas beauties! Well, unless you are wearing a pair of silk Dior pajamas (oh luxury), then pleazzzzz keep them on. But seriously, I've noticed that when I actually get dressed for the day, I am more productive and I feel better.

Drop a hello beauties, and let me know how you've been doing this winter.



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